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Rescued & Sustained

*Free track for download


Dale J Manason: lead & backing vocals, all acoustic & electric guitars

Darrell Smith: keyboards, bass, drums, string and horn arrangements

Backing vocals: Noreen Smith, Joanne Pennock, Jason Pennock, Greg Vaughan

Produced and arranged by Darrell Smith for Kung Pow Productions

Recorded by Darrell Smith at Kung Pow Studios, Victoria, B.C.

and at JRP Studios, Victoria, B.C.

*"Don't Give Up" and "With You" recorded by Greg Vaughan at Encore Studios, Victoria, B.C.

Mixed by Darrell Smith at Kung Pow Studios, Victoria, B.C.

*"Isaiah 46" mixed at Adventure Studios, Victoria, B.C.

Mastered by Mark Franklin at Media Magic Inc., Victoria, B.C.

Cover concept & photography by

Deanna Storey

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