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I have been a singer/songwriter since the age of 12. I performed for family and at school every chance I got. In high school I learned quickly that I could draw people to me by performing, therefore elevating me to the same status as the sports heroes. 

Here my bio echoes every other musician every where in the world: basement bands, garage bands, high school folk groups , , , you fill in the rest. 

In the early 70s I had my first taste of recording in a multi-track studio and fell deeply, madly in love with the whole process. My dream was to become a recording artist of renown.

BOX CAR BLUES and FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD are both original songs that bookend my life and my journey. Box Car Blues was originally recorded in 1986 on an album entitled $$Money$$.  For God So Loved the World was recorded 10 years later for my debut gospel album, Rescued & Sustained. During that 10 year span I was a full-time, working musician, travelling and playing in clubs with my brother, David Elwood. My original music is always well-received when performing live.

In 2000 I had the exciting opportunity to travel with a band to Jackson Tennessee, home of Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes) to perform at the first annual Rockabilly Festival where they dedicated the site to the future Rockabilly Hall of Fame which is now a tourist destination. There I met Maria Holly, widow of the late Buddy Holly and many other rockabilly musical icons,

Fast forward through a life that flashed before my eyes - indeed in the twinkling of an eye, I am staring backwards at 5 decades calendar and realize that although I didn't become an artist of renown, I have done what I love to do for all of my llife. 

Now a grandfather based on the beautiful west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island, I perform locally at vineyards, cideries, brew pubs, farmers markets, community events and weddings. All three of my adult children are artists. One is a singer, one a drummer, and the other is a graphic artist and painter.

My present project is a one-man tribute to some of the musicians who shaped my musical taste and influenced my guitar and vocal style. Santana, Knopfler, BB King and Clapton to name a few.


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